Monday, November 14, 2016

Not normal: Trump turns to being President

Former John Kasich campaign director John Weaver on the Breitbart appointment:

Our hopeless mass media is perhaps already cowed.  Trump incited crowds against NBC's Katy Tur,calling her out by name as the crowd chanted "tell the  truth".  Last night NBC local news at 11:00 reported that Trump is moderating his views.  Why? Because in his 60 Minutes view he said parts of his wall might be a fence; and he hasn't decided whether to prosecute Hillary Clinton "because I want to focus on jobs".  [BTW Trump loves debt.  I don't think he cares a whit about the national debt.  But he does love cheers.  Jobs creates cheers.  Big infrastructure expenses can do that ([including that pointless wall - Mexican migration is a net negative for years].  Trump has buffaloed everyone so is Congress.  I predict they will approve spending well above what they considered preposterous when proposed by Barack Obama.

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