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Govern according to Law: Decision of China's CP Central Committee Plenum October 23, 2014

Rule of law or governing according to law 依法治国 is a longstanding objective of the ruling Chinese Communist Party.  Limitations on free speech, suppression of dissenters, and most of all one party rule have been the objects of much western criticism for obvious reasons.  But the effort to ring "Socialist rule of law" to China is a serious one.  A reasonably full statutory structure has been built, a large court system and extensive legal education system  This Plenum - a once every five years policy-making meeting of the CP is dedicated to consolidating te gains.

Rogier Creemers (Oxford) and Jeremy Daum (Dui Hua) have produced a lightning quick translation of this major policy statement.  - gwc

CCP Central Committee Decision concerning Some Major Questions in Comprehensively Moving Governing the Country According to the law Forward | China Copyright and Media:

"Translation complete, by Rogier Creemers with the cooperation of Jeremy Daum

Passed on 23 October at the 4th Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party

 In order to implement the strategic deployment made at the 18th Party Congress and accelerate the construction of a Socialist rule of law country, the 4th Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee has considered some major questions in comprehensively moving ruling the country according to the law forward, and made the following Decision.

 I, Persist in marching the path of Socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics, build a Socialist rule of law system with Chinese characteristics.

Ruling the country according to the law is an essential requirement and important guarantee for persisting in and developing Socialism with Chinese characteristics, and it is an inevitable requirement to realize the modernization of the national governing system and governing ability, it affects our Party’s governing and rejuvenating the country, it affects the people’s welfare, peace and health, and it affects the long-term peace and order of the Party and the country.

 To comprehensively build a moderately prosperous society and realize the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, comprehensively deepen reform, perfect and develop the Socialist system with Chinese characteristics and raise the Party’s governing ability and governance levels, we must comprehensively move ruling the country according to the law forward.

 Our country is in the primary stage of Socialism, the comprehensive construction of a moderately prosperous society has entered a decisive stage, reform has entered a phase of assault and a region of deep water, international circumstances are complex and mercurial, our Party is facing reform, development and stability tasks that are unprecedentedly heavy, and contradictions, risks and challenges in unprecedented numbers, the position of ruling the country according to the law has become more prominent in the overall picture of the work of the Party and the country, and its rule more important.

In the face of new circumstances and new tasks, our Party must even better deal with both the domestic and international big pictures, even better safeguard and utilize this important period of strategic opportunity for our country’s development, even better comprehensively plan social forces, balance social interests, adjust social relationships and standardize social acts, to ensure that our country’s society is full of vitality as well as well-ordered during profound change, to realize economic development, political peace, cultural glory, social justice and ecological welfare, and to realize the strategic objective of our country’s peaceful development, we must give even better rein to the guiding and driving role of the rule of law......."

for the full text - in English and Chinese click on the link above

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