Wednesday, October 22, 2014

For the Israeli media, Gazan lives are little more than expendable | +972 Magazine

Whenever a Palestinian commits a crime - like today's auto assault killing  civilians in Israel - friends of Israel rally.  Each crime is seen as evidence of the irredeemable ant-semitism of Palestinians.  If one suggested that a crime by a Jew is evidence of the evil character of Jews it would be rightly denounced.
So what is the right way to handle these problems?  A fair approach in my view is to recognize that both sides are immured and inured to the hardships of "the Other".
Increasingly my sympathy goes to the Palestinians - because they are suffering more from Israeli occupation and retaliation than vice versa.  Of course Jews fear that in the (implausible) event that the tables were turned their survival would be at risk.  Understandable, but not justifiable. A reasonable settlement establishing a contiguous sovereign Palestinian state with control of its borders would bring peace and security.  Of course there will be dead-enders who refuse to accept defeat, but I estimate that they would be few once the main grievances are addressed.  Unfortunately Gaza languishes in the wreckage of war and Israeli public opinion slides away from support for a settlement.  Peace appears increasingly remote.  - gwc
For the Israeli media, Gazan lives are little more than expendable | +972 Magazine:
by Haggai Matar
"Nearly two months after the end of Operation Protective Edge, the Israeli media refuses to ask the difficult questions. Who decided that killing entire families is now allowed? What is the justification for doing so? And why won’t the army explain why it killed five members of the Joudah family? Why doesn’t anyone care about the Joudah family? Nearly two months have passed since Israeli Air Force pilots bombed their yard in Gaza, killing the mother of the family and four of her children.
 Until today, the IDF has not published an explanation of the incident. Actually, almost no one has bothered to ask. A mother and four of her children were sitting in their yard and were killed with no prior notice, and the Israeli media doesn’t deem this worthy of a story. Why? It happened on August 24.
According to Issam Joudah’s testimony, the family was sitting in the shade of their yard in order to get some fresh air during the hot summer months. Issam was making coffee in the house when the missile exploded in the yard, killing his wife and four of his children. Only two children survived – one of them was badly wounded and is undergoing rehabilitation in Germany."

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