Monday, October 27, 2014

China considers abolishing death penalty for nine crimes

China guards executions as a state secret.  Dui Hua estimates - based on press accounts - that it executed 2,400 last year.  That number is greeted skeptically by Chinese friends.  But Dui Hua seems to be a reliable source to me. - gwc

China considers abolishing death penalty for nine crimes

(Reuters) - China is considering trimming nine crimes from the list of offences punishable by death, state media said on Monday, as the ruling Communist Party considers broader reforms to the country's legal system.
Rights groups say China uses capital punishment more than any other country, raising public concern of irreversible miscarriages of justice.
A draft amendment to China's criminal law, which includes the use of the death penalty, was submitted for initial review to the country's National People's Congress, the official Xinhua news agency said.
Crimes that would be exempt from capital punishment under the amendment include "smuggling weapons, ammunition, nuclear materials or counterfeit currencies; counterfeiting currencies; raising funds by means of fraud; and arranging for or forcing another person to engage in prostitution", Xinhua said.
The crimes of "obstructing a commander or a person on duty from performing his duties" and "fabricating rumors to mislead others during wartime", are also under review, the news agency said.
Officials had previously said that China would review the application of the death penalty, which applies to 55 offences, including fraud and illegal money-lending.
China guards the number of people executed every year as state secrets.

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