Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Arkansas, a Demographic Challenge for Democrats -

The GOP should change its name to the White Flight Party.  - gwc
Arkansas, a Demographic Challenge for Democrats -
by Nate Cohn

"Arkansas was one of the most reliably Democratic states of the 20th century. It voted for Southern Democrats like Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter by large margins. Al Gore lost the state in 2000, but by only a modest five percentage points. When Mark Pryor was first elected senator there in 2002, Arkansas was still fairly fertile ground for Democrats. The son of a Democratic senator, he defeated an incumbent Republican by a comfortable eight points in a good year for Republicans.
Twelve years later, Arkansas vies with West Virginia for the distinction of being the state where Democrats have suffered the greatest losses over the last decade. The fact that Arkansas is even in the discussion for that title is remarkable; the so-called War on Coal created a problem for Democrats in West Virginia coal country that has no equivalent in Arkansas. Nonetheless, President Obama lost Arkansas by 24 points in 2012 — the second-worst performance by a Democratic presidential candidate in the state’s history."

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