Thursday, August 28, 2014

How I Know Israel Won the Gaza War – Forward Thinking –

Israel won the war, of course, but...Hamas survived adn will not disappear. They are part of the equation looking ahed; Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authoirty won too. They will ahve a stronger role going forwad - partucularly by policing the Gaza border. - gwc

How I Know Israel Won the Gaza War – Forward Thinking –

by Brent Salsey

"...four things stand out for the immediate future. First, it is clear that Israel has won the war. Much of Hamas’s military capabilities have been degraded or used up, its regional allies are few and far between (and themselves bereft of much regional influence), and none of its efforts to achieve a tactical victory over Israel succeeded. In addition, the United States and many European governments are now talking about demilitarizing Gaza (essentially, disarming Hamas and the smaller jihadist groups) as part of a longer-term process to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. All of these tilt the balance of power in Israel’s favor.

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