Saturday, June 8, 2019

The Donald Thinks D-Day Is About Him - Roger Cohen - The New York Times

The dreadful truth is that Americans have elected and cowered before a vaininglorious buffoon whose vanity is captured by this photo with its focal center Trump and his ice queen spouse, she of the somehow both vacuous and fraudulent Be Best pose. - gwc 
Photo: Doug Mills/New York Times
Opinion | The Donald Thinks D-Day Is About Him - The New York Times: To have Trump commemorate the Normandy landings is to understand the word impostor.
by Roger Cohen

PARIS — How small he is! Small in spirit, in valor, in dignity, in statecraft, this American president who knows nothing of history and cares still less and now bestrides Europe with his family in tow like some tin-pot dictator with a terrified entourage.

To have Donald Trump — the bone-spur evader of the Vietnam draft, the coddler of autocrats, the would-be destroyer of the European Union, the pay-up-now denigrator of NATO, the apologist for the white supremacists of Charlottesville — commemorate the boys from Kansas City and St. Paul who gave their lives for freedom is to understand the word impostor. You can’t make a sculpture from rotten wood.

It’s worth saying again. If Europe is whole and free and at peace, it’s because of NATO and the European Union; it’s because the United States became a European power after World War II; it’s because America’s word was a solemn pledge; it’s because that word cemented alliances that were not zero-sum games but the foundation for stability and prosperity on both sides of the Atlantic.

Of this, Trump understands nothing. Therefore he cannot comprehend the sacrifice at Omaha Beach 75 years ago. He cannot see that the postwar trans-Atlantic achievement — undergirded by the institutions and alliances he tramples upon with such crass truculence — was in fact the vindication of those young men who gave everything.

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