Friday, December 21, 2012

Retire Mandatory Judicial Retirement - NJ Law Journal Editorial Board

Raise the mandatory retirement age to seventy five urges the  Editorial Board of the New Jersey Law Journal.  The State's judiciary has been discouraged by Gov. Chris Christie's setting a political litmus test for nominations for tenure after a seven year term; and by the Republican Governor's unity with the Democratic legislative majority to put on the ballot an amendment to the state's constitution to reduce judicial take-home pay by marked increases in pension and health insurance deductions.  The measure won 80% of the vote in November. - gwc

Retire Mandatory Judicial Retirement:
 ""[J]ustices and judges shall be retired upon attaining the age of 70 years." — N.J. Const. art. VI, §VI, ¶3 
 Why should that be? The citizens of New Jersey have just amended the state constitution to say that judges, like other state employees, should have their pay cut to ease the burden of benefit costs on taxpayers. We opposed the measure but voters had the last word. If judges are to be treated like other employees, perhaps they should be terminable at the expiration of a term or for cause but not compelled to leave the bench upon reaching age 70." 'via Blog this'

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