Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pew: Gun control and the gender gap

Machismo lives, the Pew Center reports:
"Women, by 54% to 37%, say that Friday’s shootings at the elementary school reflect broader problems in American society. Men express the opposite view: 51% say that shootings like this are just the isolated acts of troubled individuals.
College graduates (54%) are more likely than those with no more than a high school education (42%) to say that the massacre reflects broader societal problems.
There also are partisan differences in reactions to the tragedy: Democrats, by 54% to 39%, say the shootings reflect broader societal problems. Republicans are divided, with 49% saying such incidents are the acts of troubled individuals, while 45% say they reflect broader problems.
People who have followed news about the shootings very closely are more likely than those who have not to say that they represent broader problems in society (51% vs. 40%)."

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