Friday, March 24, 2017

Democrats Next Move on Health Care - The New York Times

My go to guy on the ACA - Andrew Sprung anayzes the current moment.  He does not believe that the Reublicans will fold their tent.  They really want to destroy Medicaid above all.   - gwc
The Democrats’ Next Move on Health Care - The New York Times
by Andrew Sprung
***The American Health Care Act, Paul Ryan’s Obamacare repeal bill, seems to be on thin ice after a House floor vote was postponed Thursday for lack of votes. But the priorities and passions that gave it shape are still very much alive and at work within Republican ranks.
The bill landed with a thud when first released on March 6. Within 48 hours, groups representing hospitals, doctors, nurses, nursing homes and the elderly announced their opposition. Moderate Republican senators called for changes to soften the likely coverage losses, particularly those caused by rollback of the Medicaid expansion. Freedom Caucus zealots (and their right-wing think tank backers) complained that it wasn’t harsh enough. And even if it passes the House, it is almost certainly dead on arrival in the Senate.
Democrats can’t assume that the impasse will last. Republicans have pushed themselves through seven years of denunciation and dozens of (vetoed) repeal votes to destroy the Affordable Care Act “root and branch.” It’s possible that the bill will squeak through House — and eventually pass the Senate with a few edges sanded.

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