Monday, April 13, 2015

152 Innocents, Marked for Death -

I often wonder how many other innocents are jailed.  When I tried cases for the Public Defender's office I only represented one person whose innocence or guilt was a guess.  The others were all involved -it was only degree of culpability that was at issue. - gwc
152 Innocents, Marked for Death -
by The Editorial Board
"However much Americans may disagree about the morality of capital punishment, no one wants to see an innocent person executed. And yet, far too often, people end up on death row after being convicted of horrific crimes they did not commit. The lucky ones are exonerated while they are still alive — a macabre club that has grown to include 152 members since 1973.

 The rest remain locked up for life in closet-size cells. Some die there of natural causes; in at least two documented cases, inmates who were almost certainly innocent were put to death. How many more innocent people have met the same fate, or are awaiting it? That may never be known. "

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