Friday, November 28, 2014

SCOTUSblog on camera: Eric Schnapper (Part six) : SCOTUSblog

This is the last in a series of interviews with Eric Schnapper, who for twenty five years represented the NAACP LDEF in the Supreme Court. Conducted by Fabrizio di Piazza, they were posted on Scotusblog in November 2014. He was also the source of advice to many lawyers.  In this interview he emphasizes the value of experience before the court.  But everyone who will argue there has to have a first time.  I have a good story to tell about him that will wait for another day. - gwc
SCOTUSblog on camera: Eric Schnapper (Part six) : SCOTUSblog:
 "Stories from a career of Supreme Court advocacy; what one learns about necessary skills and the value of experienced counsel; and just how hard it is to explain how different Supreme Court advocacy is from anything else a lawyer does. “Just the way they say, ‘Battle plans never survive contact with the enemy,’ oral argument plans never survive contact with the Court.” 
 In this six-part interview, Eric Schnapper — Supreme Court advocate and holder of the Betts, Patterson & Mines Professorship in Trial Advocacy at the University of Washington School of Law — discusses his background, from Yale Law School to a twenty-five-year career at the NAACAP Legal Defense Fund to legal academe; how Supreme Court advocacy differs from other legal advocacy; the importance of legal briefs and their relation to oral argument; what one can and cannot prepare for in oral argument; and stories and what one learns from a long career as a Supreme Court advocate."

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