Saturday, November 1, 2014

Poll: GOP's Michael Grimm Leads By A Whopping 19 Points

The power of rationalization.  The Congressman acts like a thug, gets indicted for cheating taxes in his business, and gets re-elected out of what?  Tribal loyalty?  Admiration and forgiveness of the "tough" ex-Marine?  Apparently that's enough on Staten Island. The Dems will have another shot after he is convicted, I guess.
- gwc
Poll: GOP's Michael Grimm Leads By A Whopping 19 Points "Rep. Michael Grimm appears to be his way to a landslide reelection victory on Tuesday, at least if a new Siena College poll is any indication. The Staten Island Republican leads Democrat Domenic Recchia by a 19 points among likely voters in the district, a shocking result considering that forecasters expected the race to be very close. Grimm's lead defies the troubled year he has had. In January he threatened to break a New York reporter in half and throw him off a balcony. In April he was indicted by the federal government on fraud charges."

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