Friday, November 21, 2014

On immigration, a tale of two presidents -

On immigration, a tale of two presidents - "Washington (CNN) -- When George W. Bush couldn't get an immigration overhaul though the Senate, he gave up. When Barack Obama couldn't get a bill through the House, he changed the rules. Rewriting the immigration system was at the core of Bush's "compassionate conservatism" political brand and was dear to his heart. "It didn't work," a deflated Bush said on a June day seven years ago when the comprehensive reform effort finally died on Capitol Hill. Obama: We were strangers once too Obama: We'll deport felons, not families Past presidents' use of executive power GOP: Obama will regret immigration order 'DREAMer' reacts to Obama announcement Faced with failure, he asked his team if he could reshape the immigration system with his own executive power, but they concluded he couldn't. So Bush -- a president who fought the war on terror with an expansive interpretation of executive power -- moved on to other things for his last 18 months in office. Obama refuses to accept the same fate. READ: Obama: 'You can come out of the shadows' When immigration reform died in Congress this year, Obama, like Bush, asked his lawyers if he could change the system on his own. This White House team came to the opposite conclusion. So, more than 500 days since the Senate passed a bipartisan immigration bill, Obama unveiled his plan to go it alone."

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