Saturday, November 22, 2014

FSU Gunman Heard Voices, Thought He Was Being Watched By Gov't

outside the library at Florida State University
The Supreme Court sanctioned Second Amendmentista gun rights view by sanctifying "self defense" for which personal guns are rarely used opens the door for madmen, the angry, and the malevolent to use guns.  The very ubiquity of guns supports the idea that we need to be armed.
But when we see how trained policemen use guns in such dubious ways it highlights why ordinary citizens should not be armed.  Do you really believe that Michael Brown was going to kill the policeman in Ferguson, Missouri?  That Trayvon Martin was a threat to George Zimmerman whose subsequent behaviour makes clear that he is a hothead? - gwc
FSU Gunman Heard Voices, Thought He Was Being Watched By Gov't:
 "TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — A man who shot three people at a Florida State University library complained to police and property managers in New Mexico that cameras were watching him in his apartment and that he heard voices talking about and laughing at him, according to police reports released Friday. 

Myron May walked into the Las Cruces Police Department in September to report he was almost certain there were cameras installed in his apartment and that he could hear voices commenting on his activities, a police report said. For instance, May told an officer, after a bubble bath he began applying lotion to his body and heard voices that said, "Did you see that? He never puts lotion on." 

May, a 2005 Florida State graduate, returned to the school early Thursday and shot two students and a library worker before reloading his semi-automatic pistol. Police responded within two minutes and fired off a barrage of bullets that killed him. Videos and a journal obtained by police indicate he thought he was being watched and targeted by the government."

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