Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Forget the Chatter, This is the Democrats' Real Problem

Forget the Chatter, This is the Democrats' Real Problem
by Josh Marshall
"I want to focus on something that I don't hear much talk about and which I think is a big central issue for Democrats going forward. Democrats have toyed (and I use that term advisedly) with the issue of rising inequality for the last two elections. But let me suggest that as a political matter inequality is a loser. What is driving the politics of the country to a mammoth degree is that the vast majority of people in the country no longer have a rising standard of living. And Democrats don't have a policy prescription to make that change. Here is a chart we've probably all seen some version of. The gist is that while productivity growth has been relatively consistent through the post-war period, productivity became unchained from wages in the early 1970s. Despite a modest bump up in the 90s and another small one in the aughts it's really never come back."

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