Saturday, December 21, 2013

Mirror of Justice: A disappointing ruling against Notre Dame?

I'm not disappointed.  Rick Garnett is a former Rehnquist clerk, now professor at Notre Dame Law School, with a relentlessly holier than thou tone, who now complains that the District Judge was snarky.  Providing contraceptive coverage does not interfere with Notre Dame's "mission".  Rather Nore Dame's refusal embraces a bad fifty year old papal decision that the overwhelming majority of Catholics wisely ignore. - GWC
Mirror of Justice: A disappointing ruling against Notre Dame:
by Prof. Rick Garnett//Notre Dame Law School
 "Judge Philip Simon has issued an opinion denying the University of Notre Dame's motion for a preliminary injunction against enforcement of the so-called contraception-coverage mandate.  Here is the opinion: Download Notre Dame order. In my view, the opinion -- which has an impatient, and at times even snarky tone -- is unsatisfying, in part because it does not engage with appropriately closeness Notre Dame's claims and characterizations regarding the nature of the "burden" that the mandate would impose on its religious exercise, character, and mission.  But, read the whole thing for yourselves, dear readers!  And, join me in hoping for better work by the Seventh Circuit. "

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