Thursday, December 27, 2012

The N.R.A. at the Bench - Linda Greenhouse -

The NRA has effective veto power over federal judges
If you have any doubt about the NRA's clout in blocking federal judicial nominees not likely to do its will, read this account by Linda Greenhouse.  Minority leader Mitch  McConnell uses their ratings as a wedge to control his members by threatening their NRA seals of approval.  - GWC
The N.R.A. at the Bench - by Linda Greenhouse
"It is totally unacceptable for the N.R.A., desperate to hang on to its mission and its members after achieving its Second Amendment triumph at the Supreme Court four years ago, to be calling the tune on judicial nominations for an entire political party. Free the Republican caucus. Follow Lisa Murkowski’s lead. Recognize a naked power play for what it is. Voters who think they care about the crisis of gun violence in America are part of the problem, not the solution – they are enablers if they aren’t willing to help their elected representatives cast off the N.R.A.’s chains. Call for an end to the cowardly filibuster against Caitlin Halligan, whose nomination the president resubmitted in September. The next time a senator announces opposition to a judicial nominee, demand something other than incoherent mumbo-jumbo. Tell the senator to fill in the blank: “I oppose this nominee because ____.” If there’s an answer of substance, fine. That’s advise-and-consent democracy. But if, upon inspection, the real answer is “because the N.R.A. told me to,” we have a problem. Based on these last few years, I think we do." 'via Blog this'

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