Wednesday, December 12, 2012

PrawfsBlawg: Benefits of Senior Lecturers

When Dean Rodriguez asked a few days ago what he could do as AALS President to advance the interests of the "professoriate", I commented that he should ask "what can we do to advance the cause of legal education?"  Here's one idea that can narrow the gap between law schools and the profession. - GWC
PrawfsBlawg: Sustainability and the future: Managing teaching resources
by Dan Rodriguez
Dean, Northwestern University School of Law 
(and President-elect of the Association of American Law Schools)

"Law schools have long looked to adjuncts and the occasional recurring lecturer for teaching.  Yet, the wheelhouse for such teaching has more often been clinics and skills-training.  Good sense here; after all, experienced lawyers are wisely deployed to train would-be lawyers and the beat goes on.  However, non-tenure line faculty -- more specifically, lecturers/senior lecturers on long-term contracts with compensation and resources befitting the commitment to regular teaching and a durable investment in student well-being -- is an efficient way to strengthen teaching at law schools which cherish deep connections to practice and, as well, to save costs."

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