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Daniel Inouye, 1924-2012 | TPM Editors Blog

Daniel Inouye, 1924-2012 | TPM Editors Blog: A winner of the Congressional medal of Honor. (Read about that at TPM above). The 1987 Iran Contra scandal  hearings were a defining moment in deflating the Reagan myth, exposing a bizarre and lawless operation run from the White House to evade Congressional prohibition of funding for the right wing Nicaraguan guerillas lionized on the right.   I remember when Inouye  stood up to the super-patriot tough guy Col. Oliver North, a key White House operative.  The Senator closed the proceedings, like Mack the Knife he left not a trace of red, as he eviscerated the right wing icon of the moment.   Inouye's closing statement is masterful ironic denunciation.  He began with praise and then proceeded to express his deep disappointment that this "new American hero" had violated his oath "a Cadet does not lie cheat or steal". - GWC
Inouye begins his closing statement.
Chairman INOUYE: I believe during the past week, we have participated in creating and developing, very likely, a new American hero. Like you, who as one has felt the burning sting of bullet and shrapnel and heard the unforgettable and frightening sounds of incoming shells, I salute you, sir, as a fellow combat man. And the rows of ribbons that you have on your chest will forever remind us of your courageous service and your willingness—your patriotic willingness to risk your life and your limb. I am certain the life and burdens of a hero will be difficult and heavy, and so, with all sincerity, I wish you well as you begin your journey into a new life.
However, as an interested observer, and as one who has participated in the making of this new American hero, I found certain aspects of your testimony to be most troubling.
The full text and video are HERE.

Ken Burns interviewed Senator Inouye about the war and the japanese internment for his 2007 movie The War.

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