Thursday, May 2, 2019

How Palestinians Should React To Trump’s Peace Plan – The Forward

How Palestinians Should React To Trump’s Peace Plan – The Forward: Palestinians should say yes to the opportunity of making peace with Israel, but must fight for the principals of the 1993 DOP agreement.
by Hussein Ibish

***They need to be very clear that what they are saying “yes” to is any opportunity to talk with Israel and the US, but not to the substance of any such proposal. When the plan is presented, it will surely be floated with the outline of the series of talks designed to implement it. Palestinians should show up at every opportunity but make it crystal-clear that they are participating specifically to remind Israel, the United States and the whole world that both countries are already signatories to the 1993 DOP. Its framework logically leads only to a Palestinian state, and doesn’t permit several of the most pernicious recent actions, specifically the American recognition of all of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

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