Monday, March 18, 2019

Legal Deserts - Crisis in Rural America ACS/Harvard Law & Policy Review

 The American Constitution Society and  the Harvard Law and Policy Review have announced a new issue on the crisis of  justice in rural areas. 

The American Constitution Society is pleased to announce the release of Harvard Law & Policy Review (HLPR) Volume 13.1 Revitalizing Rural America. Published twice annually, HLPR is the official law review of ACS. This journal provides a forum for substantive debate between progressive legal scholars, policymakers, and practitioners, with a focus on promoting scholarship through practical application to societal challenges.

Descriptions and links to the articles in Volume 13.1 can be found below.

James J. Sandman and Ronald S. Flagg
The President and General Counsel of the Legal Services Corporation describe the challenges of providing legal services to low-income rural residents and identify key strategies for meeting those challenges.

Legal Deserts: A Multi-State Perspective on Rural Access to Justice
Lisa R. Pruitt, Amanda L. Kool, Lauren Sudeall, Michelle Statz, Danielle M. Conway, and Hannah Haksgaard
Six of the leading academic voices on the rural access-to-justice crisis survey legal deserts in California, Georgia, Maine, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, exploring common themes and the ways that justice system stakeholders—including legal educators—can fill the gap.

The Neighbors Who Feed Us: Farmworkers and Government Policy- Challenges and Solutions
Alexis Guild and Iris Figueroa
Ms. Guild and Ms. Figueroa, of Farmworker Justice, highlight the vulnerability of farmworkers with respect to immigration, labor, occupational health and safety, and health-care policy, and propose concrete solutions to revitalize farmworker communities.

Rural Blight
Ann M. Eisenberg
Developing an underexplored area of legal scholarship, Professor Eisenberg shows how blighted rural properties implicate law and policy and discusses solutions at the local, state, and regional levels.

Rural Health, Universality, and Legislative Targeting
Nicole Huberfeld
Professor Huberfeld looks at state resistance to the Affordable Care Act and concludes that targeted legislation—as opposed to universal social programs like the ACA—can only minimally improve rural health disparities.

Also featuring:

Shelter-in-Place: Reducing Displacement and Increasing Inclusion in Gentrifying Neighborhoods
Ryan Cohen
Through case studies of Detroit and Los Angeles, Ms. Cohen examines gentrification and provides guidance on how governments can protect low-income communities from displacement and immobility with tailored policy interventions.

Reforming Unemployment Insurance in the Age of Non-Standard Work
Jeremy Pilaar
The number of workers receiving unemployment insurance has declined substantially in recent decades. Examining this problem, Mr. Pilaar suggests that the rise of temporary, contract, and other non-standard employment may explain the change, and proposes reforms to combat this imbalance.

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