Thursday, February 26, 2015

H&R Block Immigration Document Services //Legal Ethics Forum

Legal Ethics Forum: H&R Block Immigration Document Services
I assume the next Unauthorized Practice of Law battle is coming now that H&R Block is offering immigration document preparation services.  
A couple of interesting points about this business model.  First, customers have to go into the stores to fill out the forms on H&R's computers.  I'm not sure why they are starting the model this way instead of letting people fill out the forms from their home computers the way customers do with tax forms.  Also, they appear to only be offering the service in their Texas offices at this time.  I'm not sure why the roll out is being limited to Texas as I'm sure there are other states with high immigration needs.  Perhaps there is something about Texas law that makes it a good forum for initial legal challenges?
posted by Laurel Rigertas
Dear Laurel,
These forms are all available on the USCIS website. They also have instructions on the website. I could be wrong, but the [H&R Block] business model seems to be based on charging people to help them fill out the forms, which explains why they need to come into a store.
Milan Markovic

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