Friday, March 21, 2014

Mirror of Justice: How to explain the Justice Kennedy of Casey, Lawrence, and Windsor?

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The Catholic right is despairing, the world they seek to restore irretrievably lost to the rising 'secular religion of liberalism'.  Like others on the right they see virtue in jeopardy,  democracy nearly dead, a sort of apocalyptic thinking that fuels a view from the tower filled with laments.  This excerpt from the orthodox Catholic blog Mirror of Justice is by Kevin Walsh, a young Scalia vet who teaches at Richmond.  It captures both the despair and the disdain characteristic of the milieu. - GWC
Mirror of Justice: How would Bottum explain the Justice Kennedy of Casey, Lawrence, and Windsor?: by Kevin Walsh
"In their rhetoric at least, Kennedy's opinions in CaseyLawrence, and Windsor exhibit "a sense of the sacred, but one that seeks the security of personal salvation through assuming the right stance on social and political issues." They exude "a self-perpetuating spiritual aura," and they reflect "social and political ideas elevated to the status of strange divinities . . . born of the ancient religious hunger to perceive more in the world than just the give and take of ordinary human beings, but adapted to an age that piously congratulates itself on its escape from many of the strictures of ancient religion." These opinions of Justice Kennedy's are recognizable for "the glory and the annoyingness of their moral confidence and spiritual certainty"." 

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