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Heroic Defence of Sebastopol (1854-1855): an Essay

Why the Russian parliament welcomes the return of the Crimean Peninsula to Mother Russia. - gwc
Heroic Defence of Sebastopol (1854-1855): an Essay:
While defending Sebastopol, the Russians, by skillfully combining terrain conditions with engineering constructions parameter, were able to organize such a fire system that allowed them to cause the enemy serious losses (even being greatly outnumbered in terms of artillery and ammunition) and undermine his plans on approaching the line of defence. 
The field fortifications system, the fire system organization, tactical employment of troops in defensive operations (sorties, moving forward the line of fortifications, etc) are those innovations which were introduced to the Russian art of war by our courageous officers, soldiers and sailors during the heroic defence of Sebastopol. The tsarist government suffered an utter defeat. 
Back in those days the Russian sailors and soldiers were not at all aware of the very essence and nature of that war: in whose interests it was wages and what the real political purpose was. The only thing they were concerned about was the fact that the enemy had invaded Russia and that it was their primary and sacred duty to knock him out of their native land. In that heroic defence of Sebastopol, the people of Russia has once again demonstrated the whole world both its fighting strength and strength of its character and will. 
And decades later the traditions of Sebastopol defenders of 1854-1855 would inspire the Russian people to fight against foreign invaders and conquerors which dared to infringe upon our Motherland’s national independence. 

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