Thursday, February 6, 2014

What’s Wrong with the US News Rankings? - Concurring Opinions

The rankings game has transformed the way applicants and perhaps employers look at law schools.  Corey Yung of University of Kansas Law School is beginning a series of posts. He is asking how US News & World Report rankings may have influenced the way law schools got to their current difficulties: declining enrollments, financial pressures.  He starts off by listing the factors in the order the weight given.  The first is a guarantor of stability, I would guess.  We'll see what he does with it. - GWC
What’s Wrong with the US News Rankings? - Concurring Opinions:
by Corey Yung

Peer Assessment 25%
Practitioner Assessment 15%
Employment at 9 months 14%
Median LSAT 12.5%
Median GPA 10%
Classroom/Library/Support 9.75%
Employment at Graduation 4%
Student/Faculty Ratio 3%
Acceptance Rate 2.5%
Bar Passage 2%
Other/Financial Aid 1.5%
Library Books 0.75%

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