Sunday, February 2, 2014

Well, That Escalated Quickly - Chris Christie's shipwreck

disaster at the Port Authority -
an attachment to a David Wildstein email
Brian Murphy and Steve Kornacki - both former reporters for David Wildstein's Politics.nj - are bloodhounds on the trail of the Chris Christie train wreck.  I did not want to believe that the grandstanding bullying, hot-tempered then U.S.Attorney would really get to be Governor of New Jersey.  I overestimated (always dangerous) the ability of the electorate to judge character.  When I heard his trashing of "Trenton" on the night of his 2009 election I thought - he's out to create enemies and that will bring him down.  Then he surprised me - his wheeling and dealing found Democrats willing to make deals - particularly at the expense of sot targets like school teachers, public employees, the "liberal" courts, etc.  But this is a different kind of debacle - the populist hero exposed as a bare-knuckle help your friends punish your enemies sort of real estate wheeler and dealer.  That seems to be the current accelerator of humpty-dumpty's descent. - GWC
Well, That Escalated Quickly
by Brian Murphy // Talking Points Memo
"Over Chinese food at the fabulous Lao Sze Chuan in Milford, Ct. I had the pleasure of reading Chris Christie’s 700-word-long attack on David Wildstein and the New York Times. This came moments after I opened a fortune cookie that advised me to “Enjoy yourself while you can.” (!) I am trying to summon the requisite mood to seriously ponder the implications of the email that Governor Christie apparently sent to supporters/donors/ Politico/Beltway Republicans (as if there’s any… never mind). But I can’t. I just can’t. It is hard for me to believe that the governor of an American state could author such a piece of risible juvenilia, except it is even harder for me to believe a paid communications professional could have been behind this. The “argument” Christie (or possibly one very very close longtime advisor) is making here is that David Wildstein is a bad guy."
The Wildstein Take-down Rant

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