Sunday, February 23, 2014

Legal Ethics Forum: "Entry-level Law Firm Recruiting Remains Mostly Flat"

Legal Ethics Forum: "Entry-level Law Firm Recruiting Remains Mostly Flat":
Details from NALP. Excerpt:
In the fall of 2013, for the fifth year in a row, law firms continued to engage in limited entry-level hiring. With the large law firm business model still facing significant challenges five years after the Great Recession, recruiting volumes by U.S. law firms on the campuses of U.S. law schools remained mostly flat during the late summer and early fall of 2013 compared with recruiting activity the year before. There were variations by region and by city, but overall law firms continued to exhibit caution in recruiting new associates. These are among the key findings reported in NALP's just released Perspectives on Fall 2013 Law Student Recruiting, an annual report based on NALP surveys on selected aspects of fall recruitment activity and the experiences of both legal employers and law schools. A total of 123 U.S. law schools and more than 400 law firms provided information in response to NALP’s surveys on fall 2013 law student recruiting activities.

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