Sunday, November 3, 2013

Why Obamacare Is Good for Poor Whites

Black and white Unite and Fight was the old left slogan.  Still true.  But there still aren't enough takers. - gwc
Why Obamacare Is Good for Poor Whites: "(The Root) -- The Republican Party has done a masterful job distorting the facts about Obamacare. From its inception to the official launch, members of the GOP and conservative talking heads have twisted a tale of lies about the Affordable Care Act with the clear aim to undermine both the policy and the president. The winners in this political game remain unclear, but the losers are undeniable, as millions of impoverished Americans and the working poor do not have and cannot afford health insurance coverage. This is especially the case in the 26 states that opted out of the Medicaid expansion, home to about half of the country's population and 60 percent of the country's uninsured working poor."

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