Sunday, November 17, 2013

Prudence or Cruelty? -

How come `business expenses' are deductible but living expenses aren't? Nicholas Kristof asks.  But I haven't seen coq au vin on a menu in a long time. - gwc
Prudence or Cruelty? - by Nicholas Kristof
Food stamp recipients already took a cut in benefits this month, and they may face more. The Senate Democratic version of the farm bill would cut food stamps by $4 billion over 10 years, while the House Republican version would slash them by $40 billion. More than 90 percent of benefits go to families living below the poverty line, according to federal government data, and nearly two-thirds of the recipients are children, elderly or disabled. Let’s remember that the government already subsidizes lots of food. When wealthy executives dine at fancy French restaurants, part of the bill is likely to be deducted from taxes, which amounts to a subsidy from taxpayers. How is it that food subsidies to anemic children are more controversial than food subsidies to executives enjoying coq au vin?
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