Thursday, October 10, 2013

CNN Survey on Obamacare Shows 1/3 of Obamacare critics think it's too conservative – AARP

The depth of Americans ignorance is compounded by their fear of change.  That explains much of the resistance to the Affordable Care Act.  Of course many object to the subsidies for the undeserving (which usually means `anybody but me').  But 16% of respondents object because it doesn't go far enough to guarantee affordable health care for all.  - GWC
CNN Survey on Obamacare Shows 43 Percent of Americans Support Law – AARP:
A lot of Americans say they oppose President Obama’s health care reform law. But you may be surprised to learn that of all those who say they oppose the 2010 law because its approach to health care is “too liberal” (35 percent), nearly half again as many oppose it because they think it’s “not liberal enough” (16 percent).
healthcare-symbolThis from a recent CNN/ORC survey that shows 43 percent of all Americans in favor of Obamacare — a figure that, for all the politicking on both sides, hasn’t really changed in a year. Opposition from the “too liberal” camp has softened a bit (down from 37 percent in March 2012), while opposition from the “not liberal enough” camp is significantly stronger (up from 10 percent in March 2012).
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