Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Legal Education - not just for lawyers //Legal Ethics Forum

Why not an undergraduate law degree, followed by a two year law school LLB program for those who want to practice law and take the bar exam? Today's law professors would have to add undergraduate teaching to their courseloads. - GWC
Legal Ethics Forum:
by John Steele
 "Carol Parker makes that suggestion in the Chronicle of Higher Education. (h/t: TaxProf Blog) I agree, and it's yet another reason why law would be a terrific 4-year undergrad course of study (which is not the focus of Parker's article). Business majors could take administrative and regulatory law. Accounting majors could take tax and trust & estates law. Poli-sci majors could take constitutional law, comparative law, etc. Philosophy majors could take jurisprudence. Here was the advice I had for Dean Chemerinsky back in 2007 when TaxProf Blog was running a series on advice about the new law school at UC-Irvine."***

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