Thursday, September 12, 2013

Charles Joseph Hynes - Brooklyn D.A. Defeated in Re-election Bid

Charles J. Hynes - in the moment of defeat
I suppose that generational change and ethnic change made 78 year old Brooklyn D.A. Joe Hynes - an Irish Catholic Democrat and paragon of virtue - a marked man.  It's a shame really.  I understand that in the passion to take his place Kenneth Thompson focused on a series of charges such as that he was too slow to challenge ultra-orthodox abusers because of the rabbis who delivered large blocs of votes for him  Whatever Hynes's sins were - if any - they were venial when stacked up against his record.  Vivien Yee pays him due respect on the occasion of his defeat in Tuesday's Democratic Primary.  - GWC
For Hynes, History of Making Brooklyn Safer Wasn't Enough - NY Times

Charles J. Hynes, the district attorney who was Brooklyn’s most powerful political figure and top law enforcement officer for more than 23 years, liked to say he would probably die in office. As he instituted programs that changed New York City’s criminal justice system and became a heavyweight in the borough’s insular political world, there seemed to be no part of Brooklyn he had not touched and few members of the bar who had not worked with or against him.
But on Tuesday night, he accepted a stunning defeat as voters swept a much younger man into his place, and became the first district attorney in the city to lose a re-election bid since 1955.

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