Monday, August 26, 2013

Less Law School + More Practical Training « Virtual Law Practice

"Virtual lawyering" apostle Stephanie Kimbro likes the two year law school option - with caveats. - GWC
Less Law School + More Practical Training « Virtual Law Practice:
I have been enjoying the debates that have ensued after President Obama’s recommendation to cut law school down to two years. I agree with it personally, but only with the requirement of some form of mentorship or residency program added on. Actually, this practical skills requirement should be in place even with a three year schedule.My concern is that if the law school length were cut down to only two years, more of the practical courses that do exist in the curriculum would have to be cut. If the bar exam isn’t changing any time soon, then students would still be hard pressed to take all the substantive bar courses and the practice areas they are interested in only in two years. That might push the practical skills, legal writing, law practice management courses, incubators, clinics, mock trial, law review and many other extras further to the side.
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