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Fordham Law Mourns Passing of Hon. Joseph M. McLaughlin ’59 - Fordham Law

McLAUGHLIN, Circuit Judge:   "In the late 1980's a wide prosecutorial net was cast upon Wall Street. Along with the usual flotsam and jetsam, the government's catch included some of Wall Street's biggest, brightest, and now infamous — Ivan Boesky, Dennis Levine, Michael Milken, Robert Freeman, Martin Siegel, Boyd L. Jeffries, and Paul A. Bilzerian — each of whom either pleaded guilty to or was convicted of crimes involving illicit trading scandals. Also caught in the government's net was defendant-appellant John A. Mulheren, Jr., the chief trader at and general partner of Jamie Securities Co. ("Jamie"), a registered broker-dealer...."
The opening lines of his opinion reversing the conviction of Mulheren as unsupported by evidence.  U.S. v. Mulheren, 938 F. 2d 363 (1991)

Fordham Law Mourns Passing of Hon. Joseph M. McLaughlin ’59 - Fordham Law: "The Fordham Law community is deeply saddened by the death of former Fordham Law Professor and Dean Hon. Joseph M. McLaughlin '59. Judge McLaughlin died on August 8, 2013. He was 80.

A 1954 graduate of Fordham College, McLaughlin entered Fordham Law School after service in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. He served as Editor-in-Chief of the Fordham Law Review and on the School’s National Moot Court Team. After graduating first in his Fordham Law class in 1959, he joined the firm of Cahill, Gordon & Reindel and then returned to Fordham two years later where he began teaching Evidence and New York Practice.

Among his numerous achievements, Judge McLaughlin revivified the Fordham Law Alumni Association and expanded and modernized the Law School’s academic curriculum. The Fordham Urban Law Journal and theFordham International Law Journal were also established during his tenure. Serving as Dean at a particularly challenging economic time, Judge McLaughlin helped the School weather financial difficulties. He continued to teach both day and evening classes during his deanship.

“Judge McLaughlin’s impact on the history of Fordham Law cannot be overstated,” said Dean Michael M. Martin. “A passionate teacher, a confident and clear-sighted leader of the Law School, and of course an astute judge—he played so many roles in the legal profession, and he worked with such vivacity and joy. He will be missed by the entire Fordham Law community.”

In 1981, President Ronald Reagan nominated Judge McLaughlin to serve on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York where he served for almost a decade. In 1990, President George H. W. Bush nominated Judge McLaughlin for elevation to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. In 1998 he assumed senior status. Until his retirement, Judge McLaughlin was one of four Fordham Law alumni serving as a federal judge at the U.S. court of appeals level.

Judge McLaughlin wrote more than 800 opinions during his time on the bench. Some of his noteworthy rulings include United States v. Mulheren,United States v. Acosta, and Karibian v. Columbia University.

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