Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Verdict is in: Romney takes Round 1

There is no point in providing citations.  It is a unanimous verdict: Romney was on the attack with a barrage of well-delivered (if largely untrue) attack lines for which the President was unprepared.  Obama the Explainer was on full view.  He does not like to go for the jugular.  Neither do I but sometimes you have to.  And it is not that hard:  everybody knows that if you are going to cut $5 trillion in taxes it's going to cost somebody.  And you know it won't be Romney whose taxes are already 10 points lower than ours.  And you know that the monthly health insurance check you'll get instead of Medicare - Ryan-Romney care - will cost you.  I could go on, bu that's really enough now for post-debate blogging. - GWC
p.s. - except to add that Jim Lehrer really should be retired.  - gwc

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