Monday, October 29, 2012

The No Agenda Myth - Bill Keller -

David Brooks - the house "reasonable Republican" at the Times is a major perpetrator of the myth that Obama has no second term agenda.  There's a jobs bill and immigration reform.  How much progress do you think can be made in these times? - GWC
The No Agenda Myth -
by Bill Keller

And yet, can we really say we don’t know what to expect from these two men?
With Obama, we can anticipate that the unfinished business of universal health care and the re-regulation of the Wall Street casino will be finished. We can expect investments in education, infrastructure and innovation, followed by a gradual, balanced attack on deficits that includes higher taxes on the wealthiest. (And this time he will have a hefty stick to apply to a recalcitrant Congress: the fiscal cliff, which forces Congress to compromise or share the blame for the ensuing havoc.) We can expect the Pentagon, after winding down two wars, to bank a peace dividend. If Obama is re-elected, especially if he is elected with substantial Latino support, we can expect that he will try to deliver on his postponed promise of comprehensive immigration reform. The fact that these objectives represent a continuation of his first term does not mean he is aiming low. These are ambitious goals.

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