Friday, October 12, 2012

Chinese Legal Reform: Game On? - China Power

front gate - Supreme Peoples Court, Beijing
The State Council, reports China Daily, has issued the 2012 White paper on Judicial Reform.  I haven't yet read the full text but Fordham law professor Carl Minzner has posted this commentary on The Diplomat's China Power blog. - GWC
Chinese Legal Reform: Game On? - China Power: by Carl Minzner
"Recent years have witnessed a significant degradation in the climate for legal reform in China.  Harassment of public interest lawyers has increased.  Judges have been subjected to tighter political controls.  Given this, it is easy to simply dismiss (as some already have) the State Council’s 2012 White Paper on Judicial Reform in China issued earlier this week as nothing but an effort to whitewash recent developments. This is a mistake.  Carefully parsing the specific language of the White Paper suggests that at least some central authorities are thinking about deepening legal and judicial reform." 'via Blog this'

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