Friday, June 15, 2012

Russ Feingold - Citizens United Undermines Democracy - Stanford Law Review

Feingold: Post-Citizens United 'Framework For Corruption Cannot Stand'Although some - like Justice Stevens - hold out hope that Chief Justice Roberts, et al. will narrow Citizens United - at least by barring foreign money, I wouldn't hold my breath.  But former Senator Feingold isn't giving up the fight.  In blunt language he writes "[t]he corrupt entities created by Citizens United threaten[] to erase the gains we’ve enjoyed since the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act. Now, instead of small-dollar, online donors, the most prominent actors in the 2012 election cycle are unnamed corporations and a small group of influential—primarily conservative—billionaires."
The Money Crisis - Stanford Law Review:
by Russ Feingold
As we draw closer to the November election, it becomes clearer that this year’s contest, thanks to the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision, will be financially dominated by big money, including, whether directly or indirectly, big money from the treasuries of corporations of all kinds. Without a significant change in how our campaign finance system regulates the influence of corporations, the American election process, and even the Supreme Court itself, face a more durable, long-term crisis of legitimacy....

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