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Division of Public Defender Services homepage
Connecticut Innocence Project
Connecticut repealed the death penalty prospectively in April 2012
Annual Report 2011

New Jersey

Office of the Public Defender - State of New Jersey

New York
Hurrell-Harring v. State of New York - Court of Appeals, May 6, 2010
New York State Commission on the Future of Indigent Defense Services homepage
New York State Defenders Association - NYSDA
Legislation creating Office of Indigent Defense Services
Structure of New York Public Defense Systems
The Bronx Defenders


Office of the Ohio Public Defender - homepage

A Constitutional Default - Report of Pennsylvania Joint Government Task Force - December 2011
Draft Indigent Defense Statute - Jt. Gov't Task Force
Flora v. Luzerne County, PA - complaint filed by ACLU
Background story to P.D. Flora's lawuit (huffington Post)
RAND study: How much difference does the lawyer make?
Defender Association of Philadelphia

Washington State
Standards for Indigent Defense Services - Washington Supreme Court

Justice Denied - Report of the National Right to Counsel Committee/The Justice Project (2009)
Right to Counsel publications - The Constitution Project
ABA Ten Principles of a Public Defense Delivery System (2002)
NLADA - National Legal Aid and Defender Association - Defender Legal Services