Sunday, March 11, 2018

Why White Evangelicalism is So Cruel // Chris Ladd // Forbes

When you watch them cheering Trump, you know how little has changed. White.  Fundamentalist.  They won a victory when political correctness brought the change from `fundamentalist; to `evangelical' [which actually means spreading the Gospel] and `Bible belt' became unacceptable in the MSM.  Let's be candid - white is the part of their identity that matters most.  African Americans have been as "evangelical" as their white co-religionists and political antagonists. - gwc

Why White Evangelicalism is So Cruel  // Chris Ladd // Forbes
by Chris Ladd
"White Evangelical Christians opposed desegregation tooth and nail. Where pressed, they made cheap, cosmetic compromises, like Billy Graham’s concession to allow black worshipers at his crusades. Graham never made any difficult statements on race, never appeared on stage with his “black friend” Martin Luther King after 1957, and he never marched with King. When King delivered his “I Have a Dream Speech,” Graham responded with this passive-aggressive gem of Southern theology, “Only when Christ comes again will the little white children of Alabama walk hand in hand with little black children.” For white Southern evangelicals, justice and compassion belong only to the dead."

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