Saturday, April 8, 2017

Media fawns over Trump Missile Strikes

Brian Williams "beautiful pictures of fearsome armaments"
No President of the United States passes up the chance to be Commander in Chief.  An authoritarian like Trump must have relished the opportunities that the Syrian gas attack presented:

= to reverse his excoriation of Obama for considering attacks on Assad 
= to get tough with the Russians who helped elect him
= to show the Chinese that they will get no great power respect- telling Xi Jinping during dinner that the missiles had been launched at sea

Fareed Zakaria lay  prostrate on camera for CNN, lauding DJT for acting on “broader moral and political purpose” and for using  “the kind of rhetoric that we’ve come to expect from American presidents.”

This represents the danger - there is little that can stir American popular enthusiasm and mainstream media compliance more than showing we are the cops of the world.  Little more exciting than unilaterally launching missiles aimed at Arab targets.  No need to go to Congress, or supplicate before the UN where we would face the inevitable Russian and Chinese vetoes in the Security Council.  

 Making America Great Again means decisive action to induce amnesia: that we don't win ill-considered and unnecessary wars.  Vietnam, Afghanistan,and Iraq come to mind.  - gwc

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  1. So many were praising Trump. Ridiculous. The strike wasn't the product of or part of some well-thought out policy. I am desperately hoping he doesn't run around launching missiles in other places so he can look like the big guy in charge.