Sunday, April 23, 2017

Let's Talk About Bubbles and James Comey | Mother Jones

Today's big story about James Comey puts hi backin the news.  Essentially his argument, filtered through Columbia Law prof Daniel Richman is "Jim was playing it straight",

Rather than close the criminal investigation with a simple statement of no charges * Comey went on TV because the American people had a right to know - and to know that he did not cave to Democratic partisan pressure,
* Comey sent the October 28 letter because he was afraid that post-election if the Weiner laptop contained damaging information he would be seen as having covered up for Hillary Clinton.
- he did not divulge the investigation into Trump's Russian ties because...that is an open investigation.

At each of these points Comey's acts benefited Trump.  At every point he acted to benefit Trump.

This was a "one off" unique situation Comey's supporters say.  If it was one off then he should have said lessrather than more. - gwc
Let's Talk About Bubbles and James Comey | Mother Jones
by Kevin Drum
I have frequently made the case that Donald Trump is president because of FBI director James Comey. On October 28, Comey wrote a letter to Congress telling them that the FBI was investigating a new cache of Clinton emails that it found on the laptop of Huma Abedin's estranged husband, Anthony Weiner. That was the turning point. Clinton's electoral fortunes went downhill from there and never recovered.
As shocking as this may sound, not everyone agrees with me. A new book, Shattered, makes the case that Clinton was an epically bad candidate and her campaign was epically badly run. That's why she lost. Yesterday, Shadi Hamid took aim at me for my continued Comey obsession in the face of the story told in Shattered:
Sad to watch smart, liberal writers, like @kdrum, refuse to engage in introspection, instead blaming HRC's loss on Comey, Russia, squirrels
I'm citing @kdrum b/c I loved his blog. But then he descended into self-parody. His position—no hyperbole—is that it's all b/c of Comey

Let's talk. There's a reason I blame Comey, and it's not because I live in a bubble. It's because a massive amount of evidence points that way.

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