Saturday, January 7, 2017

6 month suspension for response to online reviews - Michael Frisch - Legal Profession Blog

Did this lawyer deserve his punishment?
Colorado lawyer suspended for six months for response to online review
by Michael Frisch - Ethics Counsel, Georgetown Law School
A suspension for six months plus proof of fitness was ordered by a Colorado Hearing Board
In 2014, Respondent discovered two reviews of his legal services posted on Google+ (“Google Plus”) by two of his former clients.  The reviews were negative and disparaged his work as an attorney. Respondent posted responses to each of the reviews on Google Plus.
One review, posted by T.S., mentions fees paid to Respondent and claims that Respondent did not adequately represent him. The one-paragraph review opines that Respondent is the “worst attorney” in Denver, that he did not call the district attorney or present T.S.’s “side” to the prosecution, that Respondent took $3,500.00 and “did nothing,” that Respondent lost his temper and called T.S.’s wife names, and that Respondent should be forced to terminate his law practice.
Respondent responded to that review and addressed specific facts about that representation.

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