Wednesday, February 17, 2016

“Ted Cruz is a liar”: Marco Rubio becomes Cruz’s latest target in South Carolina -

Liar, liar, pants on fire used to be a schoolyard taunt - verboten in political speech.  But now it is common -.  After years of trash talk on talk radio the GOP has so degraded that it is how all the candidates talk.  As a trial lawyer even when you had a blatant liar on the stand the word was never used.  That was the conclusion you wanted the jury to draw.  We never used the word.  We prided ourselves on our clever circumlocutions.  "Casual disregard for the truth" was one I liked.  "In the war on drugs, as in every war, truth is the first casualty" was another one I used.  "Lux and veritas - light and truth - that's the motto of Yale University where this witness went to school but we heard little or none of that on the witness stand today".  That was much more fun and much more effective than today's broadsides. - gwc
“Ted Cruz is a liar”: Marco Rubio becomes Cruz’s latest target in South Carolina -
by Sophia Tesfaye

Typically, at this point in a presidential primary cycle, the negative campaigning kicks into high gear as candidates head into the notoriously dirty “First in the South” primary state of South Carolina. However, Donald Trump has been yelling about rapists and calling his rivals idiots for months now, so the campaigns’ turn to the Palmetto state merely continues the long tradition of mudslinging that has marked the GOP Civil War of 2016.

“Ted Cruz is a liar,” opened an email to supporters blasted out by Marco Rubio’s campaign Tuesday night. “First it was lying about Marco on fundamental issues like life and marriage; now Cruz and his supporters’ attempts to slander and distort Marco’s record have reached a new low,” Rubio campaign spokesman Alex Conant wrote. One ad by a pro-Cruz Super Pac was already pulled down this week after a legal review found it misleading in its claim that Rubio supported so-called “sanctuary cities.”

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