Thursday, February 25, 2016

Justice Scalia and the International Order of St. Hubertus

Honor God by Honoring his Creatures
Antonin Scalia wore a West Point style tunic  at Xavier High School - a Jesuit military academy prep school on West 16th Street in Manhattan.  We jokingly called them subway commandos.  Justice Scalia died the way he started: in the company of men who saw themselves as gentlemen practicing the virtues of the martial arts, and patrons of the arts.  At the hunting lodge where he passed was a contingent from the International Order of St. Hubertus. - gwc
International Order of St. Hubertus - About Us
"The International Order of Saint Hubertus was founded in 1695 by Count Franz Anton von Sporck in what was then the Kingdom of Bohemia, then territory of the Habsburg Empire, now the modern Czech Republic.

The Order was a knightly order with an emphasis on hunting and activities related to the pursuit and management of game animals. 

In the Middle Ages and again with the revival of interest in the forms of chivalry in Europe, hunting was considered a basic preparation for warfare and was held among the highest activities a gentleman could pursue. In addition, Count von Sporck was also a prominent patron of music, having commissioned numerous Vivaldi operas and the four Bach minor Masses for performance at his private Opera House in Prague.

The Order counted among its original members Emperor Charles VI and many of the other noble families of the Holy Roman Empire. After nearly 250 years of honorable existence, the Order was banned by Adolph Hitler for refusing to accept Nazis as members after the Anschluss joined Austria to Germany. The biography of Count von Sporck, the Institution of the Order by him and its existence until World War II are chronicled in the History section of this website.

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