Monday, February 8, 2016

Et tu, Chris? Is Marco Rubio a Dead Man Walking?

It has been my often expressed view that Marco Rubio would become the Republican nominee after the repulsive Ted Cruz and the too crude wild card Donald Trump flamed out.  I felt that he was the future because he has a decent set of GOP talking points, youthful handsome looks, rich backers, a rise from the working class story, and a good looking wife.  But Rubio wants to be President of the United States of America.  And for that you need to have heft. Marco Rubio doesn't have it as David Frum devastatingly demonstrates in a Twitter storm.

Barack Obama (who I did not support in the 2008 primaries) obviously had heft.  He wrote a serious, reflective autobiography.  Opposed the catastrophic Iraq war, and surmounted the Rev. Jeremiah Wright crisis in an impressive speech.  I was also influenced by his teaching materials as a Constitutional law teacher at the University of Chicago.  As a law teacher myself I saw that his course materials were very demanding.
As Rubio's moment approached in New Hampshire on Saturday night the novice Senator  tripped over his words and was thrown to the ground repeatedly by the verbally much stronger Gov.  Chris Christie.  
As a member of the Editorial Board of the New Jersey Law Journal I have gotten a lot of practice in rebutting Chris Christie.  So has Marco Rubio.  But Senator Rubio hasn't learned how to stand up to the big fat bully, who has owned him for weeks.  So I recant.  Marco Rubio will not be nominated.  I don't know what the GOP bigs are going to do.  But it won't be Marco Rubio in November.  He's not ready.  Watch the video below.

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