Monday, February 8, 2016

Former NJ Chief Justice Poritz criticizes Christie, questions his legacy -

Former New Jersey Supreme Court Chief Justice Deborah Poritz
Former state Attorney General and Chief Justice of
New Jersey at a book party Q&A dismissed Chris Christie
as a "bully" without a legacy

New Jersey governor Chris Christie clobbered Marco Rubio as without accomplishment. But Deborah Poritz the first woman state Attorney General and later Chief Justice Deborah Poritz declared that the big man himself has little to show. Unless cutting teachers' pensions impresses you. ~gwc
Respected former NJ Supreme Court justice criticizes Christie, questions his legacy - News -
by Salvador Rizzo // The Record //

Deborah Poritz, a Republican who served as chief justice from 1996 to 2006, was among more than 100 attendees at a lecture room in the Princeton Public Library, where journalist Matt Katz was speaking and taking questions about his recently published biography of Christie, "American Governor."

At the end of a question-and-answer session, Poritz raised her hand, was handed a microphone from an attendant, and proceeded to criticize Christie's record.

She asked Katz, who had described some of Christie's political talents during his talk, to give examples of how Christie had used those talents "for the benefit of the people of New Jersey." She mentioned the state's ongoing problems funding transportation projects and road repairs. She called Christie a "bully" who has been "scapegoating public workers" in New Jersey for years. She took issue with Christie's budget cuts.

"What is his legacy?" Poritz asked. "Because I don't see any."

Katz offered some examples of Christie's accomplishments as governor, including a bipartisan-backed law he signed in his first term capping local property tax increases to 2 percent per year and a compromise he brokered last month with state lawmakers to place a question before voters on the November ballot on whether to allow casinos in northern New Jersey.

Seated in the front row, Poritz was not impressed. "She's not buying it," Katz told the audience after listing his examples and gauging her reaction.

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