Monday, February 8, 2016

Clinton Can Govern More Effectively Than Sanders - Norman Ornstein - The Atlantic

Norman Ornstein - of the conservative American Enterprise Institute - is one of the most competent observers of the American political system. His "It's even worse than it looks" described the Republican party's descent into anti-government obstructionism. To stick with my own favorite talking point:  the Democratic Party should not nominate someone who has never joined the Democratic Party.  - gwc

Clinton Can Govern More Effectively Than Sanders - The Atlantic

by Norman Ornstein  // American Enterprise Institute

Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz have something in common. Both have an electoral strategy predicated on the ability of a purist candidate to revolutionize the electorate—bringing droves of chronic non-voters to the polls because at last they have a choice, not an echo—and along the way transforming the political system. Sanders can point to his large crowds and impressive, even astonishing, success at tapping into a small-donor base that exceeds, in breadth and depth, the remarkable one built in 2008 by Barack Obama. Cruz points to his extraordinarily sophisticated voter-identification operation, one that certainly seemed to do the trick in Iowa.

But is there any real evidence that there is a hidden “sleeper cell” of potential voters who are waiting for the signal to emerge and transform the electorate? No.

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