Friday, December 25, 2015

Paris - Climate Change and the 2016 Elections

I returned from China's airpocalypse to 72 F on Christmas eve in New York .  It prompts thoughts about global warming.  Climate change should be a key issue in 2016.  But the most recent CNN Republican presidential candidate debate ignored the issue, despite the recent Paris agreement.  President Obama's speech in Paris at the world climate change conference helped to yield a historic agreement to commit to mitigating climate change. Here at home the Republican candidates are relentless skeptics.   Conservative governors repudiate the Obama administration's historic commitment to reduce carbon emissions.  They denounce it as tyranny, etc.  In another sign of the normalization of the crazy, even the supposedly reasonable Senator Marco Rubio is a climate change denier and opponent of the carbon emission reduction plans.
Fortunately no such delusions afflict the Democratic Party. -gwc

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